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How to Easily Operate High Density Filing System

Talking of high density filing system,most customers will say it is so complicated,not easy to deal with. In my opinion, you need to have a good knowledge of the specification at beginning,and then it will become much more easily to operate this filing system.

First, we need get to know what it is made up of: Ground rail, chassis, door plate, roof plate, partition board, side plate, hanging board, book file, post, key, anti-theft device, brake device, handle, catalogue plate, etc.

There is also high requirement for the thickness of the sheet in the file compact frame.For example, the ground rail uses 20mm solid square steel, the chassis uses the plate of 2.3mm thickness, and the door and side plate all use 0.8mm thickness steel plate. The roof and column need 1.2mm thickness of raw materials.

Standard of bearing: the bearing capacity of different parts is different, for example, the bearing capacity of the diaphragm is 60 kg without stiffeners, and the bearing capacity with reinforcement can reach 100 kg, the bearing capacity of each group can reach 360 kg, and the bearing capacity of pulley can reach 1000kg/ pulley.

archival shelves are a little more difficult to use for filing cabinets and filing cabinets. After all, the functions of archival shelves are much more powerful than other office furniture. Therefore, you must pay attention to the various accessories and do not move, check the smart device to ensure normal connection etc.

As you can see, these parameters are more specialized, although we do not need to do too much in-depth understanding, but if we know these parameters, we can manage well when we use the file dense rack. It will be very easy for us to operate ,if we know the composition,the load bearing and the related attention.